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Cigna is a health insurance company that provides mental health coverage to its members. Their plans offer access to a wide range of mental health services, including therapy, medication management, and inpatient treatment. Cigna has a network of mental health providers to ensure that its members have access to quality care.

As a medical group, we are proud to partner with Cigna to provide their members with exceptional mental health care. Our team of experienced mental health professionals offers personalized treatment plans and a full range of services, including talk therapy, medication management, and inpatient treatment. We understand that every individual's mental health needs are unique, and we work closely with Cigna members to address their specific concerns and goals. Our goal is to empower Cigna members to achieve their best possible mental health and well-being. If you are a Cigna member in need of mental health support, we are here to help.
Cigna works together with their colleagues, customers, providers, clients, and communities to create personalized solutions and advance whole-person health.



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Please note: We are Not accepting New Patients at this time. 

As of 09/01/2023 we have updated our contact information:
Office: (626) 272-2998
Fax: (626) 574-3970
Email: [email protected] 

For urgent mental health problem, please call 899 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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