We are an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic providing behavioral health services to individuals & their families to manage and maintain behavioral/mental health symptoms that they themselves have trouble doing on their own. A few of these symptoms relate to depression, anxiety, agitation, irritability, sleep, mood, concentration, focus, psychosis. 

Services include Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Therapy/Counseling), available in-person and online through telecare. Behavioral health services are considered Specialty in the field of Medicine. Mental health is widely accepted as common issues we all face. Some of these issues are short-lived, while others are longer-term. It varies from one individual to another.  

We accept treatment through your Insurance and Cash-Based services. Visit the sections on our website Insurance and Cash-Based (Self Pay) to help determine the preferred route for your situation. For a list of our partners, visit Our Partners & More

We try to provide the tools you may need, listing some Articles & Resources for you. However, Information Overload is a real thing. For more information, reach out to us below. We'll do our best to help & provide the answers to your questions.

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For urgent mental health problem, please call 899 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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