Our Facility provides Insurance-Based and Cash-Based services. Cash, Check and credit card are accepted for payment.

There are Pro's and Con's of receiving treatment through Insurance.

- Reduced costs for prescribed medication.
- Insurances have competitive rates that may be financially beneficial depending on the the services you require and how often.
- In-network medical providers will typically save you more money than paying straight cash or going to a hospital or clinic that is out-of-network. Factors such as the deductible, co-insurance, and out of pocket maximum can still affect your portion of the cost. 

- Required diagnosis of a mental illness. Insurance companies typically only cover services declared as medical necessity. Many people seek mental health treatment for reasons not defined by a specific mental health disorder.
- Documented sessions & lack of confidentiality. Any details and private information that your therapist, psychiatrist, or other specialist has, your insurance company would have.
- Pre-existing condition. Documented mental health treatment filed through your insurance will go on your permanent record. In the future this could potentially affect cost of your insurance
or prevent you from getting coverage altogether. This is a major factor when thinking long-term.  

If you're looking for insurances, Visit Our Partners & More for a list of insurance companies and organizations we work with. These are a few of the dozens of insurance companies out there that may be suitable for you. Know that we do not get paid for mentioning the insurance companies or organizations listed.

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