Telepsych, or Telemedicine, is a service of delivering care and assessment using video conferencing. Sessions may be done by camera phone, tablet/ipad, and computer. 

At IBHMG we use HIPAA compliant video conferencing system for interaction between provider and patient and patients have an option to visit our nearest IBHMG location or use a computer, smartphone, or notebook from a quiet and private location from home, work, or any place else patient chooses to be.

Easy access to specialists, especially for those with chronic conditions, issues with transportation, and those with time restraints.

- Reduced exposure to pathogens in waiting rooms, avoiding exposure to viruses and germs.
- Better access to healthcare with a decrease in wait time
- More non-business hour appointments.
- Reduced anxiety. Many people simply don’t like to go to the doctor. In some cases, phobias such as agoraphobia may prevent people from seeking care. Telehealth provides a way to ask questions and access medical support without leaving home.
- More Privacy and access to items for your appointment.

- Some insurances allow patients to be at a non-IBHMG location, while some require patients to be at seen at a IBHMG location. Our team will verify patient benefits even if you access from your electronics at home or any location. Other insurance may require you still visit your doctor’s office location closest to you and the doctor will see you through video-conferencing.
- If unsure whether you are allowed, give your insurance a call to verify if they allow a telepsych visit.

- Direct Cell: (626) 241-6257 for for scheduling or other questions.
- Office: (909) 579-2555 during business hours.
- Fax: (909) 579-2118
- E-mail: [email protected]

Upon receiving your information, we will check our provider availability, schedule your visit, verify your benefits, and get back to you if any concerns arise.

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For urgent mental health problem, please call 899 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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